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The SwiSh blog

Welcome to our blog. We’re Sarah and Stephanie and we’ve been lucky enough to be working in digital business and marketing for over 30 years. This blog captures some of our thoughts, experiences and questions.

The legal team doodling a response to a social media crisis

Eek to Social media crisis? 6 principles to help you be more prepared

Social media crisis is a topic that many businesses and brands continue to discuss and be fearful of. When crisis hits it can be overwhelming. Ignoring the channels is never the answer… it simply gives your naysayers a chance to…

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you discover that your CEO is running through the city naked

Social media crisis. How ready are you?

Your CEO was photographed last night running naked in the street Your brand ambassador has just tweeted an offensive joke Somebody set up a spoof Twitter account under your brand and is communicating a hate campaign. These are some of...
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twitter logo

Top tips to tweet away

Here’s a short(ish) guide to tweeting. Just a little something  to get you started on Twitter, make the most of it and avoid common mistakes (the ones we’ve all made basically). Here it goes. Just text for this post, no…

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Beautifully useful

The good work

William Morris advocated that arts and crafts should be applied to designing useful objects. This is what became known as “the good work”. Later, Xavier Pauchard’s Tolix chairs and Charlotte Perriand’s repurposing of industrial designs followed a similar principle.  Their ambition:…

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oree keyboard

Wood, tech and design

This week your devoted SwiShers, AKA Sarah and me, are spending the week at Futur en Seine in Paris. The festival showcases creative technologies as much as creative thinking. The venue is as inspiring as the people surrounding this. We’ll blog…

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Random Santa

How we made the most of the party season and other essential reflections on a digitally behaved 2012

Yes, Christmas parties can bring their share of inspiration (beyond hangovers). Last blog of the year, but not the least as the party, sorry the events season of 2012 ended with the enlightening Le Courvoisier Future 500 series with some…

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Ben Lowy on instagram

Digital: art or aesthetic

Helvetica and Latitude water projection. Two things I can’t get out of mind after the Future series Digital aesthetic talk with Ben James from Jotta, on Monday night. The first one shows how imagination can be lost through mass-sharing. The…

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Current and future ecommerce trends – A day at Ecommerce Expo 2012

The noise, the heat, the signage, the sales chats; everything compels me to run away. It didn’t start well when we spied virtually naked blue painted promo girls – we wondered if we hadn’t walked in a car sales show…

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what is Digital? what does digital mean?

What do we really mean by digital?

It seems that ‘digital’ is used to explain so many things that the word is almost meaningless. We’ve googled it, we’ve asked the question, we’ve discussed and at times hotly debated it. What is clear is that there is no…

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The story behind the story

Everyone’s talking about telling their story. In fact, we all seem busier talking about it than telling it.Interestingly, big data is the other buzzword. And the two complement each other quite nicely. So Dark Art? Hype? Or is the Art…

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